SO many weddings at the distillery this year! This was a favourite for us aesthetically, because of the amazing artwork that serves as a backdrop in a lot of the photos! (an element that always keeps your wedding unique!). This wedding was tastefully coordinated by the father of the groom since the couple, Charles & Julie reside in Quebec. I was so impressed with the "wedding planning" skills of Marc, the father. (I keep teasing him that he should quite his day job...) It was his idea to have the Bride & Groom + guests escorted after the ceremony with live Jazz to the reception venue, just a block away.  / The food was absolutely delicious! prepared by chef, Jean-Pierre Challet. "A taste of Quebec" is a newer addition to the Thompson Landry Gallery, featuring an artisan cheese boutique and the very best food that the Quebec gourmand has to offer. / Both families were extraordinarily loving and a delight to work with. Geoff and I have been so warmed by their friendliness and hospitality. Just recently we did another family photo-shoot for them and had the treat of enjoying yummy croissants and cappuccino's around their lovely kitchen table. That was a highlight for me! PS. Yes, that's Geoffie in there (my husband!) I love shooting weddings with him. He's sick today... boo