Ah! Just watched the video clip that Corey put together from a recent engagement shoot with Terry & Robyn  - and I had to post it!!! Are they not an absolutely gorgeous couple?! I've never seen hair like Robyn's! But not only are they gorgeous they are incredible people. Both of them have been good friends with my husband Geoff for some time now and it has been amazing getting to know them. Terry proposed to her in the one of the most thoughtful and creative ways I have ever heard. Since one of their favourite things to do is to play crossword puzzles at a local coffee shop, Terry began brainstorming ways that he could get the words in the newspaper Crossword Jumble "Marry Me". After many attempts dealing directly with the newspaper and other print shops, he opted to print the page himself. With help from a friend and a newly bought printer. He cleverly recreated a newspaper page tailoring the crossword and other cartoon features towards his proposal! The rest is history. Looking forward to their lovely outdoor wedding at the Old Mill.

Lots of Love,


PS. For any other couples wanting a small clip like this of their engagement shoot or wedding! let us know. We've got a great deal going on right now!