Wow!! Photographing this amazing couple and their crew was a blast this last Saturday!  The guys begged me to post just a sneak preview, so here it is. (I've shot so many incredible weddings this summer and I've hardly had time to post any of them! So stay tuned for those. Coming soon...)
Everything was so simple and elegant.  I absolutely loved Gina's flowers!!! They were made by the lovely girls at the Flour Studio, on 883 Eglinton Ave. W, along with the cake! The day started out at 1 King West hotel and then onto Shilla Restuarant for some yummy Korean food. (Rachel loves trying new foods!) We took pictures at the Distillery and nearby, and then made our way to The Berkely Fieldhouse! I must say I thoroughly enjoyed every minute of this day. Gina's dad is a pastor and did the ceremony. I have to say I loved his heart and his prayers. His genuine love for the Lord just bubbled out. You can see that same love and joy all over Gina too. Someone in one of there speeches made reference to her as an 'angel' and I totally agree. She is like an angel. The Bridemaid's were awesome. Anything I remotely suggested for pictures, the were on it. For example, Gina and Steve really wanted a jumping shot, however it was going to require that the girls take off their shoes because it was so high. They were all into it, however the guys, with their shoes on, felt a little skeptical jumping into the grass with possible doggy matter... When I approached that old car at the Distillery, I thought to myself maybe they could climb up on it, before I could get the words out, the girls were climbing and maneuvering themselves to the very top! The guys on the other hand... had some problems. They were unsure of where to climb or how to sit and not get hurt... You can see by one of the poses below! LOL Just kidding the boys were also truly great to work with. Lots of laughs! Great tear jerking speeches... and true gentlemen at heart. Thank-you everyone for making it such a great day. Hopefully I can come for a visit in NY soon. xoxo
PS. Rachel particularly loved when Steve (the groom) danced around on the dance floor, giving his mother AND mother-in-law piggy-backs.

Love the custom wrapped Lindt chocolate bars!


Ahhh we had such fun in this little alley. The lighting was magical...


Ummm.. the cutest kids ever?

LOVE these flowers.


Recognize this car? I had to use it again...

Umm.. this was a different. I didn't ask him to do it...


Again interesting characters on the groom's side...




Fun at the photo-booth! Was great to see Larry & Karen again. I photographed their little baby a couple years ago. Now he's not a baby...