Ahhhh... how lovely it was to go over some of the shoots from this summer. So many yummy babies and beautiful families. Unfortunately I didn't include everybody...  (not enought TIME!!) We're hoping to put together an 'end-of-the-year' slideshow. This blog entry is to celebrate all the little new faces that came into the world this year,  all the lovely marriages, little people and  faces I got to meet. What a treat for parents - that we get to experience a bit of the same love God feels in His heart toward us as His children. I'm not a parent yet, but it's definitely on my mind these days... I can't imagine the feeling of having one of these little ones of my own..! I pray showers of God's love over each one, God's strength and blessing over every family.  Lot's of love, Nikki summer-faves1summer-faves2summer-faves3summer-faves4summer-faves5summer-faves6summer-faves7summer-faves8summer-faves9summer-faves10summer-faves11summer-faves12summer-faves13summer-faves16summer-faves17summer-faves18summer-faves19summer-faves20summer-faves21