Happy New Year to everyone. It was nice to have a little longer of a holiday. Exciting to begin a new fresh year. What does it hold for each of us..? so important to consider the possibilities. A little prayer: "May each of you continue to dream and then may your dreams become realities". A good friend of mine challenged me and my husband to do that recently and we are still revising a new bucket-list. Or rather, 101 things we'd like to do (a bucket-list sounds a little sad)It's been so fun! If I get permission from the hubby, I might post them.

This week - inundated with portfolios and resumes. Yes - desperately needing a new Office Manager. Beautiful Rachel who was with me for most of last year has moved into an excited new phase in her life/career. "Bye-bye Rachel - miss you..." Really praying for the right person for the job. In the meantime I forgot how crazy it is answering phone calls & responding to emails...  need someone soon... I still have many weddings I'd like to post from last year, so stay tuned. Here are some pics from a beautiful wedding I was honored to photograph last November. This wedding included sweet accents and moments that came from their heart. I particularly loved the moment they exchanged personal vows they had written down. After this lovely exchange Sarah expressed her feelings to Seth through a song on the guitar. How neat! Another sweet touch was a "feet washing" ceremony held at the beach. For them this act symbolized their desire to serve each other for the rest of their lives (in a similar way that Jesus demonstrated His love). Here are a few tidbits. Enjoy!!!