Well Geoff and I had such a great time shooting babies, toddlers and even some adults with Santa at the Moms-To-Be-And-More-Store (located at Bayview & Eglinton). We've been doing it for three years, so many of the kids are familiar faces. Many of my previous clients come also, so it was kind-of like a reunion seeing everyone! / There really is something so special about watching kids approach Santa! Some are absolutely petrified, some are shy, some come boldly marching up onto his lap with their list. It's all very fun to watch! The mother of one little girl told me that she didn't sleep the entire night before coming because she was too excited to see Santa.  She would scream to everyone she spoke to on the phone, saying " I'm going to see Santa!!!" Memories for me of waking up and seeing pillowcases stuffed with toys and stockings filled with goodies must be one of my fondest childhood memories! Me and my brother could hardly sleep. We always tried to listen for Santa and his rein-deers. I remember the day someone told me that Santa didn't exist. It was a very sad day.... I also loved watching Geoff with the kids. He has a real gift with them. They always absolutely love him! This will be our first Christmas together and I am SO EXCITED!!! Here are some pictures from the day and a sample of one of our Christmas Cards! xoxo