I loved photographing this wedding. Why? Because the bride and groom were totally into each other and undistracted by everything else. Sounds obvious, but often couples can be more into the photography and minor details than the actual celebration and each other. The day was splendidly perfect - warm sunshine with a breeze. The colours were fantastic! I really love Kate's choice of green as an accent. My favourite were the green and blue peacock feathers in the flowers! We took photos before the ceremony (always a good way to go...) and Mark and Kate decided to see each other for the first time at the Elgin Theatre where things first began... Mark and Kate first met working with the Toronto Film Festival seasonally. They would see each other every year, exchange glances, and then have to wait until the next year to see each other again. In 2006 they finally saw a little more of each other and things turned into a full-fledged crush. They finally began a relationship when Kate moved back to Toronto from LA in 2007. Mark is an acclaimed film writer and genius who loves soccer. Kate heads up the Editorial department at the Toronto International Film Festival and is also working towards finishing her PhD in Film Studies, with an eye to a university professorship in the future. (She has also recently started playing soccer too).

Both of them will leave for Japan at the end of the month for their honeymoon! One of the reasons they chose Japan was that Kate was asked to present a paper at the Society for Cinema and Media Studies Conference! Unfortunately while they are there they will miss the Yorkton Film Festival where Mark's Film "US Chickens" was nominated for best drama. Mark was also nominated for best director! (Golden Sheaf Awards) Stay tuned for his other film "Perennial," which will be airing on the CBC sometime this year (date TBD). Visit Mark's website for more information Arkitekt Films

What fun it was to be there with you both at your wonderful celebration! I loved everything. You were both such a pleasure to work with! All the best on your exciting new adventure together! xoxo Nikki

Dress: Adele Wechsler Venue: The Capitol Rings: Birks: Tracy Potter Video: Nick Butler DJ: Shandy Kern