We took these photos the last day of the trip. I was so glad because in most cases couples, right after their wedding are a little done with photos - understandably. For the destination weddings that I shoot I always like to include at least one additional photo-session. They are always super fun and add a creative mix to the photos. In the past I've done group family sessions at the beach, ATV excursions, remotes islands, trips into town, photos with horses and more. Scouting out locations and becoming extremely familiar with my surroundings is very important, especially for the wedding day. Tanya and Mike were awesome to work with. We chose to do something in the water at the end since they are extremely sporty people and it was more reflective of their character. The down side was that the tube ride was extremely bumpy and a little painful! - Ouch! They were good sports about it. Probably a little sore in the morning, but who would know from the pictures!?

Thank you to two amazing people. Tanya your sweetness and easy going nature truly warms the atmosphere. You are just like "sunshine"! Mike - you're pretty cool too. Loved your blue steel poses. Hope you enjoy these guys. Can't wait to show you the wedding day photos. xo

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