What a treat this wedding was indeed!!! I met Murina through a referral from a lovely family I photographed last year. If you remember little Matthew's fall pictures on the blog - it's his parents, Peter and Melissa! Not only was this wedding absolutely gorgeous, but the couple Jeff & Murina were fabulous to work with! We had such fun hopping thru the streets of San Francisco for their engagement photos (stay tuned for those...) The evening before the celebration Geoff and I had the privilege of joining the family for an intimate Italian dinner in Half Moon Bay. Truly a highlight for me. I must say I have fallen in love with Murina's four sister's - WILD totally WILD is all I have to say!!! (Sabrina - I just have to think of you and I start to laugh...) What struck me the most with this wedding was it's simplicity and intimacy. Jeff and Murina planned the weekend and the wedding day in such a way that they could truly relax and enjoy their friends. How important it is to enjoy the day and not get caught up in all the frivolities... Murina is from Toronto and Jeff is from San Francisco; now they are off to Copenhagen to start their new lives together - how exciting! Wishing you both all the very best! - a lifetime of true love, laughter and purpose. Blessings, Nikki & Geoff