Happy New Year everyone! Well although we are "technically" still closed until the 18th, we are busy, busy bees here in the office. New album designs, new products, new software, a new book-keeper, (new husband and business partner!) I had to throw that in there! Yes, together we are really excited for this year. It's so amazing having Geoff. Shooting together with him at weddings is the best!!! On the business side of things he's become my right hand. He sees what I don't see and thinks what I don't think! His strengths are my weakness and my strengths are his weaknesses. Ahhh... the beauty of marriage. I love it! I know I promised you some pics from our wedding, so here are a few of my faves! Taken by my amazing friends Alex & Tiff of Lifeimages. Enjoy!




Here's my mama, younger brother and sister! I love my mom.


I had the privilege of being able to design my own dress! It came out better than I could have ever imagined! My amazing auntie Faith is a retired designer and dress-maker that used to own a fabulous store in Yorkville. She was able to whip it up in less than two weeks!


Totally crazy, I know - 8 bridesmaids!!!! But having their love and support was amazing.



There he is! The love of my life. As you can see I was seriously emotional!


We all new that Geoff would be the one crying, and I was certain I wouldn't. I'm not sure what happened, but it started in the hotel while I was getting ready. He sent me the most touching and thoughtful gift that somehow unleashed a fountain for the rest of the day. The awareness of his deep and undying love, his passionate heart and tender eyes washed over me all day.




I was so happy with my flowers from Paul at H20 Floral. He is a true artist and has become a great friend.


Yes, our reception was on a boat down at harbourfront. Although it rained, it made for cool photos...