How special to photograph my dear friends and their new baby girl. I met Kim randomly about 5 years ago sitting in a coffee shop. She noticed me reading my bible and thus began a conversation and then a friendship. I have since photographed her wedding to the handsome Mark as well as many of her friends marriages. They are one of those couples that have opted out of living an average life - consumed with themselves, living in a bubble... Instead they have chosen to live a life of love, freely giving themselves to help and care for others. They inspire me. newborn-photography-_mississauga-6newborn-photography-_mississauga-2newborn-photography-_mississauga-9newborn-photography-_mississauga-5newborn-photography-_mississauga-1newborn-photography-_mississauga-4newborn-photography-_mississauga-3newborn-photography-_mississauga-8