Love the purple in this wedding... Matt and Lauryn were an absolute delight to work with. Lauryn knows exactly what she wants - no hesitation for a minute. And Matt, a big teddy bear, totally in love. I guess I posted a lot of him during the ceremony, only because it was so touching to see the way he looks at Lauryn. / My first introduction to Lauryn was over the phone back in May of 2011. She hadn't met me before, but wanted to book right away. She had seen a wedding album that I had photographed (Jeff & Pam - if you remember!) and knew that that was what she wanted. - I love that! / Enjoy these photos of her elegantly planned wedding. /For all you hockey fans out there did you notice Dave Hodge (Lauryn's dad!) I'm not a hockey fan, but I knew he looked familiar. Mr. Hodge is a renowned sports broadcaster for TSN, well known in Canadian history as the Host of 'Hockey Night in  Canada' for CBC for 17 years! / I also have to mention Justin Rutledge who sang during their ceremony. The song he sang and wrote touched every heart present I'm sure. My eyes filled up with tears a couple times while I was shooting. It was truly truly beautiful. I've attached the lyrics below because they were so beautiful. Justin is a respected Canadian musician who has opened for the Jim Cuddy band amongst others. You can hear more of his work at Matt and Lauryn I am so glad you chose Crimson for your wedding. It was truly a privilege to meet and work with you both. I wish you God's richest blessings everyday of your lives. xo Nikki

Wedding Designer: Jodi Leigh

Come Summertime

We go riding just as often as we can in the valley by the Marguerita's Strand on a jet-black thoroughbred with Orion overhead and the tip of hsi arrow bent for the Bear

O Maria you're the darkness in my mare Hallelujah see the men and children stare see the sky with its sunken cheeks cast an eye to the snowy peaks how its heart is a famished road O Valentine

'Cause you'll be mine come summertime oh you'll be mine come summertime

O to hell with poetry and to Death's aristocracy 'cause the things you do to me you do just fine

And you'll be mine come summertime oh you'll be mine come summertime oh you'll be mine come summertime time

We go riding just as often as we can

by Justin Rutledge

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