SO many clients have been asking to see pictures of me preggo's. So here you go! Special thanks to the incredibly talented Carla Nayor of Faces by Carla (you've been amazing to work with this year) and the one and only Lisa Petrole for taking the photos. I've known Lisa since photography school at Humber back in 2003. She was always one of the top students and I always admired her work. (Thank-you Lisa for being so patient with me...) Many have been asking me what next year will look like with a baby. To answer that question, I personally will be taking it easy for 2012. I am shooting only a limited number of weddings and will be taking a break on the portrait side of things (babies/families/etc.). Jessica Storkey who is an exceptional portrait photographer will be handling that side of the business and we have a couple other AMAZING wedding photographers who have also joined the team. More on their work and profiles to come... Lots of love, Nicole